Memberships: [SKCC – #15622]  [FISTS – #17812]  [NAQCC – #8447]  [Tonto Amateur Radio Assn]

I was first licensed as a Novice in 1986. However, I did not stay active very long, and eventually my license expired. About June 2011, I decided to jump back into Amateur Radio. I took the Technician test and passed and was issued KF7QFN. In August after studying very hard, I took and passed both the General and Extra exams. I decided to apply for and received a vanity call, N7TWL, since my initials are TWL, and it flows better in CW than KF7QFN.

I enjoy CW on HF. I am a member of SKCC, FISTS, NAQCC, and the Tonto Amateur Radio Association (TARA) in Payson, AZ where I live. I am particularly interested in CW and QRP.

I have an Heathkit HW-9 QRP/CW radio, connected to an R7 vertical, and I have a 17 ft telescopic multiband vertical antenna for use in the field.

As for other activities, I teach math at our local community college, and I am active as an amateur astronomer.
73, ~todd